Delicious food aside, our main purpose is to brighten the community and bring folks together. Check out some of our favorite people, businesses, artisans, and groups.

CATBIRD COTTAGE (Accord, NY): An old friend’s Hudson Valley BnB experience. Melina had a vision and Made. It. Happen.

FULL OF PLANTS (UK): Thomas crafts vegan recipes that are delicious, beautiful, and completely unintimidating. His “cheese” recipes must save lives.

ORCHARD GROCER (New York City): Are those vegan carrot lox in my pocket, or am I just happy to see you? Spoiler alert: BOTH.

RIVERDEL (New York City): Great selection of vegan cheeses, cut to order.

WICKED FINCH (Pawling, NY): We love their boozy jams on our biscuits. The Strawberry Prosecco is a fave.