Delicious food aside, our main purpose is to brighten the community and bring folks together. Check out some of our favorite local people, businesses, artisans, and groups. Some are in New York, some are in Jersey. All have our heart.

CATBIRD COTTAGE (Accord, NY): An old friend’s Hudson Valley BnB experience. Melina had a vision and Made. It. Happen.

FULL OF PLANTS (UK): Thomas crafts vegan recipes that are delicious, beautiful, and completely unintimidating. His “cheese” recipes must save lives.

MORTGAGE APPLE CAKES (Teaneck, NJ): We bought our first cupcake because we liked her story; the next three dozen sold themselves.

ORCHARD GROCER (New York City): Are those vegan carrot lox in my pocket, or am I just happy to see you? Spoiler alert: BOTH.

RIVERDEL (New York City): Great selection of vegan cheeses, cut to order.

WANDERING DAVE’S (Brewster, NY): Great food in an unassuming strip mall. These guys are clutch.