Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant land of New Jersey, a young woman with a dream of working in restaurants launched a supper club with the intention to bring people together to share kickass food and conversation.

It worked.

Now we’re in the Hudson Valley, elbow-deep in flour and sugar, pumping out the flakiest vegan biscuits, banana bread, brownies (and some other surprises!) this side of the river.

From our first dinner in Jersey City (with tables propped up on cinder blocks) to the delightfully cramped Ice Cream Tasting Happy Hours in the East Village, our mission has always been simple: to bring friends and strangers around a table to share good, wholesome food.

And we’re always evolving: our tastes, our expectations, and our values.

We still love the sparks that fire around a dining table. But we’ve also catered events, baked in Brooklyn, gone to dairy school (and decided to eschew it for cashews), and spent Sundays cooking paleo meals in a commissary kitchen.